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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Join The PassBaroness VIP Section For Porn, BackDoors, Mixes And Requests!

The advantages of joining the VIP blog is unlimited, but here are a few to list.

Request Section:

There is a Request Section where you may post two requests individually a week. I spend thirty minutes on each request. After that I evaluate the odds of fulfilling the request and determine if continuing will benefit or hinder the time management of this site.

Search WebSite Form:

Being a VIP member makes it much easier to find passes through the search form.

KeyWord HighLighter Form:

VIP Blog has a complete site listing directory. Go to directory and enter keyword into form and it will highlight all the site names you are looking for. (ex. bangbros, milf, busty etc.)

No Cut&Paste Restrictions:

You'll be able to cut and paste to breeze through any dead passes.

Minimal Dead Passes:

The posts will be checked through labeling and any dead passes found will be removed for a clean blog. We have a staff member who checks for dead passes. That's all he does. Plus VIP members can report dead passes to help keep clean in the comment box and .

Continuous Updates:

Unlike the regular blog which only gets updated here and there with a few passes, VIP gets updated daily by skill all passes posted in the VIP Blog are announced in the Free Blog ShoutBox, so there is no over-exaggeration or misunderstanding of whats been posted. You'll see by the records that the blog is updated daily with at least one unposted site and regualr updates.

100% Uptime Hosted By Google:

I've done blogging for eight years with Google. With the work that I do Google knows it is not illegal, but many people don't like it so they attack the blogs. Five years ago they had to make the blog system very secure so there is absolutely no down time.

One Month Free Membership For Each Referral:

Become a member and get a friend to say that you referred them and you will receive an extra month free for as many referrals as you want. If you are good at it you can have free access forever.

With This Much Information At Your Finger Tips You Can't Lose!

Donating To Join And Getting Your Invitation Is Easy. Just Follow The Simple Steps Below.

Note: All Processing Will Be Done WithIn Minutes During The Hours Of 10:00am-1:00pm PST.

1) The VIP Plans:

(Plan 1) - 6 Months For $33.00 usd.
(Plan 2) - 3 Months For $22.00 usd.
(Plan 3) - 1 Months For $11.00 usd.

2) Your Email Address:

Your email address that you will be contacted in 24 hours for Credit Card form information. If it's a Gmail account, simply list the account in both fields.

3) Free Google Account (Needed For Invitation):

You will need a Free Google Account to receive your invitation and LogIn to the VIP Blog. If you don't already have one please go here and create one. Google/Gmail Account SignUp Here

4) Donation Transaction:

Due to lack of seller customer support, we are not accepting PayPal as a billing processor any more. Basically they are trying to remove all the small time sellers to save customer support work load. If you want to take advantage of this great deal of daily updated information simply fill out the Sign Up form bellow and I'll send you the proper donation information. You can use a Credit Card or Visa and MasterCard Bank/Debit Card with popper funds in it. Who doesn't have that these days.

5) Invitation Validation Link:

You will receive your invitation validation link in the gmail account that you provide in the signup form within 24 hours. After the donation period expires the invitation will no longer be valid. If you wish to continue accessing the VIP blog you must submit another donation by completing the same process.

Legal MumboJumbo:

This Site Does Not Infringe Any Copyright Holders. All Information Is To Be Used For Education Only And Not To Be Traded, Given Or Sold In Any Manner Whatsoever. This Site Is Protected Under The Freedom Of Information Act Of The
United States Of America.

By Accessing Members Blog You Are Stating That You Are 18 Years Or Older With Your Own Debit/Credit Card Account.

Promo Rates Are Now Over And Regular Prices Are In Effect.

I'm looking only for VIP members that appreciate the many hours that goes into testing these sites. I'm not doing this to make a lot of money, but only for a hobby. Some days may go not updated due to bad proxies, sickness or simple needing a break. At this access price and this many sites available your sure to be pleased. If you realize the good deal here than that's great! If you only chose to continue to sift through bad passes on this blog feel free to do so.

Thank you for visiting my blog and looking forward to seeing you in the VIP blog!

Members Front Page Preview

Billing And Personal Information Not Required For The Credit Card Form Given.
Just Enter The Card Number, Expiration Date And Your Email Address!!!
You Will Receive The Encrypted Credit Card Form Within 24 Hours!

Visa/MasterCard DebitCards Must Have Sufficient Funds In Bank Account To Be Processed.


Don't See The Form Below? Click Here To Learn How To Clear All Third Party Cookies.

Read Why PayPal Sucks

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At February 26, 2017 at 5:07 AM , Blogger Sickboy22 said...


Was a member in the beginning of this blog. Just curious if it's possible again to join the VIP section.



At April 30, 2017 at 3:04 PM , Blogger PassBaroness said...

Oh hey bro, Sorry I missed your comment. I guess I need to set notices for comments. I plan on reopening the VIP Blog in due time. Passes are not as easy to come up with these days so I added to the blog some other stuff. Just like the Last VIP it will have all exclusive stuff.

Being a previous member you would get one free month access. I remember yah! :)


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